One of the oldest classic lines. Maurice Carver was a superior dogman in his times. He created his own line of dogs which are still alive in our kennels as “THE LAST MOHICANES” of his line. There was a time when Maurice Carver was the best dogman of his times. carvers-diamond-02He used the best blood of his time being very strict in selection. His dogs were very tight inbreed by a few dogmen and their blood still exists in many good lines. But in their pure version were (and still are) not numerous because they were sold or given for free by Maurice Carver only to his close friends in the game. carvers-diamondAnother reason of their rarity is that the litters were not numerous and the breedings were made by insemination for many reasons. Today very tight inbred dogs on pure Carver blood are almost impossible to find in their classic shape. In our hands we have male and female coming from CHOPER DAN and DIAMOND JIM who were very close friends of Maurice Carvere and cooperated with him for many years. We did a lot of effort to import our pure Carver dogs from them. Unfortunately those great old dogmen passed away last years. arts-missy

So far we had one breeding from them and the offspring of pure Carver dogs remaining are in hands of our close friends. We make inbreeding on them but with small addition on another famous blood to avoid problems with their health. But it does not mean we do not make tight Carver breeding at all without a touch of other blood. In our opinion the thighest inbred pups are dedicated rather for professionals and of course the price of them is accordingly be much higher than pups from other litter we have. We have a male called KOSA’S CARVER  (brought from Chopper Dan Kennels USA) and a female named BLONDIE from the same kennels. Both dogs were extremely tested to confirm if they are only “paper dolls” or not. The results turned out to be fantastic. We imported from Chopper Dan’s Kennels four dogs.


If you wanna be an owner of a pure Carver dogs you must be aware their mental growth is much slower than other lines. You just to to be a bit  more patient and not start them too early. Now in our kennels have two pure Carver couple: KOSA’S CARVER and KOSA’S BLONDIE + their adult offspring in hands of our close friends . When we have pure Carver blood pups they are rather dedicated to professionals.

 Yard of Maurice Carver.

Many Pit Bulls have some of the Carver bloodline in them, but not many are pure Carver. Other bloodlines have been bred into the Carver line, muddling the line, but you’ll find that a pure Carver Pit Bull is still one of the more popular and desired bloodlines, as they are known to be the best “all-around” Pit Bull. Carver pit bulls are said to be by far the most powerful of the pit bull bloodline.

Reffering to the past, Maurice Carver created this bloodline using CH Tudor’s Dibo (3XW) ROM as the spine and base.

Tudor’s Dibo

Dibo was the sire to Carver’s Black Girl, Cracker, Dee, Lasso, and Boot Legger, as well as dogs from the Boudreaux bloodline, Crenshaw, Mayfield, and other bloodlines.

Breeding Dibo with Ironhead and Bullyson Pit Bulls, Carver was able to create his famous bloodline.

Maurice Carver with Carver’s Wino

Carver’s Ironhead

Carver’s Miss Ronnie


Don Mayfield and Maurice Carver

carver pitbull kennel

carver working on a turntable