KOSA’S (GRMUSA’S) LEPA is an import from Zoran Grmusa’s kennels from Serbia – direct daughter of KOSA’S (GRMUSA’S) HEKTOR who was phenomenal example of athletic, game and exterier. Full 100% APBT model male. All the features gave him a wright to call him The European Carver dog.  Except for LEPA we have 2 other dogs from HEKTOR: KOSA’S (GRMUSA’S) HUGO – male, and KOSA’S (GRMUSA’S) QUEEN – female. Our plan is to have more such dogs and they will be available in limited access for buyers outside. It’s rather our private matter. If any of those pups will be for sale it will be something special for a future owner.

Pedigree: http://gamedogped.com/details.php?id=70889