KOSA’S (CDK’s) BLONDIE is one of our favorite females. She is half sister to our Kosa’s (CDK’s) CARVER and was imported from The Chopper Dan’s Kennels in Louisiana (USA). She is 100% blood of Maurice Carver (IRON HEAD) dogs and so called “rara avis” in bulldog world. BLONDIE will be bred to his half brother CARVER as much as it is ethical to maintain this rare blood. First breeding of CARVER to BLONDIE gave dogs either very hot or cold as ice. Nothing in between. If you would like to be an owner of a pure Carver dog you have to be very patient and delicate trainers when schooling them. They have difficult mentality and for sure it is not a dog for a beginner about this breed. Nevertheless we have never seen anything gamer than BLONDIE.