hugo-na-wwwKOSA’S (GRMUSA’S) HUGO comes from Zoran Grmusa (Serbia) who keeps his own line of excellent dogs on the basis of Grmusa’s HEKTOR. HEKTOR is the dog which had one of his rear legs disabled after a yard accident at a young age. Nevertheless his broken leg would be problem for him to compete with CH titled dogs. The background of HEKTOR’s pedigree is mainly constructed on the Iron line dogs of Cune Kennels (Iron Kid), but there are also many outcrosses. When we saw HEKTOR for the first time we knew we wanted to run that blood. We also have two direct daughters from HEKTOR: Lepa and Queen. Grmusa’s Family from Serbia are professionals in their work with dogs. Hats off, gentlemen!

HUGO is open for stud.