is a tight inbred Garner’s GR CH SPIKE (ROM). Tom Garner made the breeding from frozen semen of the old SPIKE and Garner’s & Suk’s MISS MOUTH. This way the the old blood of great warrior was retained for next generations. Our SPIKE Jr is almost a copy of his famous ancestor in respect of his physical and mental features. Below you can read what Tom Garner wrote about SPIKE Jr and his litter mates:

Spike na www“Pure SPIKE blood. Garner’s “Spike” has proven himself, through performance and through producing quality offspring, to be one of the 10 most influential Pit Bulls of all time. Breeding Santos to his niece Sleazy concentrates these genes in a way that assures us that the offspring will carry forward the greatness of the phenomenal Garner’s Spike. SIPKE Jr represents one of the finest concentrations of Spike blood available in the world today.” (Tom Garner)

Pedigree: http://gamedogped.com/details.php?id=64688

SPIKE Jr is open for stud.