He is a direct son of GARNER’S KEMO which earned of his CHAMPION title in hands of KCC Kennels. His sire, GARNER’S DYNOMITE is worldwide know athlete and producer passing his concentrated genes of CH CHINAMAN in very complete way. GARNER’S LADY PRINCESS was one of the best brood females of our times. DYNOMITE’S and LADY PRINCESS’ mixture gave results in the form of a genetic set of old CH CHINAMAN with superiority of his best son GARNER’S FRISCO – the best producer of the world ever. KEMO seems to follow is his way what makes him very important dog with prospects to make a big impact on APBT breed in general.








The dam of ENTERPRISE is GARNER’S MISS FRANKIE – very tight inbred female from another branch of CH CHINAMAN based on GARNER’S EARL  and his phenomenal son EARL JR EARL was a direct son of CH CHINAMAN with large addition of another legendary bulldog: MOUNTAIN MAN’S HOMER. The branch of EARL / EARL Jr is rare to find in our times, probably the only place where you can get this blood in its pure form is only Tom Garner Kennels. One of the best producers in this line was Garner’s FRANK WHITE ROM – the grandfather of MISS FRANKIE – the dam of our ENTERPRISE.

This way in veins of our ENTERPRISE runs pure blood of GARNER’S CH CHINAMAN blended from the best offspring with delicate touch of MOUNTAIN MAN’S HOMER. It make ENTERPRISE very similar mentally and physically to his main ancestor – great GARNER’S CH CHINAMAN.

ENTERPRISE is open for stud.