KOSA’S SPIKE MORPHOGENIC is the most genetically concentrated dog in the direction
of maintaining the pure legendary blood of Wood’s SNOOTY & Garner’s GR CH SPIKE Rom
which has set new trends in the entire history of the breed. SPIKE MORPHOGENIC is the result of a very thorough selection in order to obtain a dog with model psychic features characteristic of this line as well as an superior athletic body focused on strength, speed, 
endurance, and genetic stamina. His mental features can be described in one world “cyborg gamedog”. Certainly, the strong concentration of the Garner’s GR SPIKE Rom genes in the extreme formula obtained in SPIKE MORPHOGENIC form will result in more than once and not twice what fans of this line are looking for all over the world. Open on stud.

PEDIGREE: http://gamedogped.com/details.php?id=78312&gens=5


KOSA’S (JOHNY’S) CARVER THÜLE is our latest discovery based on the search for the best blood to improve the working traits of our breed. His mental hardness and excellent body structure are similar to what we commonly refer to as a “complete dog”. CARVER THÜLE thanks to its exterier is very similar to dogs from the classic “carver” line, even though its genetic base results come from multiple admixtures of the best Balkan lines.


Certainly as part of maintaining our breeding program in the direction of maintaining the purest blood Maurice Carver – CARVER THÜLE will be an element refreshing our inbreeding litters in this family of dogs. His physical predispositions and psyche amaze us and we are sure he will surprise us many times. Open to the public stud.

PEDIGREE: http://gamedogped.com/details.php?id=78720