KOSA (CDK’S) CARVER – the direct son of GR CH BIG CHILL. Pure blood of Maurice Carver based on CH Ironhade Carver’s CH. Despite heavy inbreeding, he iwas a great athlete, a very intelligent and intelligent dog. His full family name is CDK’S LIL BLACK DOG (aka KOSA’S CARVER). CARVER was brought to Europe from CHOPPER DAN’s Kennels (Lousiana, USA). We imported 4 dogs from CDK and we started a breeding program based on this blood. Unfortunately, Daniel Bearb (Chopper Dan) died in 2013 and we could not continue what we had planned to bring more dogs from him. In our hands still CARVER’s half-sister – BLONDIE (CDK), who turned out to be an extraordinary bitch. We will keep this blood in its original and pure form by heavy cross breeding, which (as we have seen so far) gives very good results. We have never found a dog from this blood without pure gameness. Nothing in between. They are a specific type of bulldog that you can love or hate. Extremely rare blood and a piece of history on “four paws”. Chopper Dan’s kennel was the last source of 100% true working dogs coming directly from the Maurice Carver yard. Chopper Dan was the cousin of Diamond Jim, who was a very close friend of Ronny Hyde – a friend of Maurice Carver and his corner back partner. Importing these dogs to our kennel required a lot of effort and money. Kosa’s (CDK) CARVER is the “last Mohican” of this noble blood.

He died of Lyme Disease in 2017, RIP

Pedigree: http://gamedogped.com/details.php?id=62246

 was a tight inbred Garner’s GR CH SPIKE (ROM). Tom Garner made the breeding from frozen semen of the old SPIKE and Garner’s & Suk’s MISS MOUTH. This way the the old blood of great warrior was retained for next generations. Our SPIKE Jr was almost a copy of his famous ancestor in respect of his physical and mental features. Below you can read what Tom Garner wrote about SPIKE Jr and his litter mates:

Spike na www“Pure SPIKE blood. Garner’s “Spike” has proven himself, through performance and through producing quality offspring, to be one of the 10 most influential Pit Bulls of all time. Breeding Santos to his niece Sleazy concentrates these genes in a way that assures us that the offspring will carry forward the greatness of the phenomenal Garner’s Spike. SIPKE Jr represents one of the finest concentrations of Spike blood available in the world today.” (Tom Garner)

Pedigree: http://gamedogped.com/details.php?id=64688