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KOSA’S SCAREBACK – pup available (date of birth 16 Feb,2018)

We thought for a long time whether to sell this puppy. It is a copy of SCAREBACK – a female who gave birth to and DIAMOND JIM’s JR to the world (http://gamedogped.com/details.php?id=62238) and is direct grand mother of DIAMOND JIM’s GR CH SUN DANCE (http://gamedogped.com/details.php?id=62259). Diamond Jim himself was one of Maurice Carver’s closest partners in sport like Ronny Hyde as well. About ten years ago, we made a contact with Daniel Bearb “Chopper Dan” (Louisiana, USA) – dogman and the cousin of Diamond Jim who had passed away many years earlier. Our friendship with Chopper Dan has resulted in importing first pure carvers into our kennel. They were males and females, mainly on the basis of dogs that CDK – Chopper Dan Kennels – received from DIAMOND JIM. Among the many interesting DIAMOND JIM’s dogs, the most effective stud dog was DIAMOND JIM’s JR (http://gamedogped.com/details.php?id=62234), who brilliantly passed his genes on. This way DIAMOND JIM’s GR CH BIG CHILL (father of our BLONDE and her half-brother of our CARVER) (http://gamedogped.com/details.php?id=62233) and also DIAMOND JIM’s GR CH SUNDANCE could hit the ground. The most interesting and also humorous thread of this case is that we crossed and bred a litter from our CARVER x BLODIE couple. All the puppies turned out to be their type when it comes to their look. Meanwhile, with a strong inbred on ELI where our BLONDIE is only a quarter of genes, it turned out that a strong characteristic recessive gene of the old SCAREBACK appeared in the litter. The old female SCAREBACK was a female who gave birth to the best carver sire DIAMOND JIM’s JR. on the base of CAVER’S DIAMOND JIM’s CH LUTHOR (http://gamedogped.com/details.php?id=4936) and excellent CARVER’S CH IRON HEAD (3W, ROM) (http://gamedogped.com/details.php?id=3314). What’s the most interesting the pup that showed up in our litter as a copy of the old SCAREBACK female turned out to be a male (!). By reasoning logically, this puppy deserves a lot of attention as the future stud, especially that the recessive gene is surrounded by wonderful pure ELI dogs which gives many possibilities of inbreeding with pure Carvers and ELI dogs as well. Someone who will be the future owner of this puppy will be in possession of something really special in the whole family of “old bulldog school” . The mere fact of having such a dog gives you a field to observe how he grows, performs and passes his genes on. That would be very exciting. It’s as if a small “frostbitten” dinosaur would walk around your yard and house. Life is unpredictable. KOSA’S SCAREBACK is available.

Zdjęcie użytkownika Jan Kowalski.
All info: PM or kosakennels@gmail.com
ELI line created by Floyd Boudreaux has certainly become a leap forward in the whole breed. As of today, we have many lines that originate in this source. In our APOLLO x MISS DURANGO breeding, we focused the essence of this great discovery, preserved in one integrated genotype. Therefore, if you decide on a puppy of this litter you can be sure that the blood and genes you purchase do not go anywhere further than to ELI himself. Throughout our breeding activities, we have never met such a concentration of ELI genes in the direction of sports success from main the line brunches closed in one litter. Everything that did not fit to the line was eliminated from this breeding. To refresh the whole, we added a bit of pure Carver. What more could you want? In this way, the legendary GARNER’S CH CHINAMAN ROM was created. Trace thoroughly the sport and breeding success of all items you can find in this pedigree backward. We focused our attention on CLEMMONS’ CH JERRY 3W ROM to make our way shorter to our goal. According to us JERRY had all we were looking for + our Carver addition to make it “speeder”. Think about it. There’s no empty promotion in it but we want to sterss that all that was made in this combination was made in a thoughtful way.

Zdjęcie użytkownika Jan Kowalski.

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