GRMUSA’S HEKTOR was in our opinion the most misterious dog in Europe. All his external and internal features promotes him as a good candidate for GR CH title without any doubt. In his early age he had an accident which made his left rear leg disabled. That is why he had never had an official match. When we saw HEKTOR on video for the first time we knew that he was a pearl in bulldog world. His opponents were dogs with CH title and he on his 3 legs comped with them with fylin colors. The next day we were on our way to Serbia to see him alive and what we saw was more we had expected. Zoran Grmusa – the owner of the dog was not to sell him but he had several pups and  youngster from his blood. We decided to import 1 male (HUGO) and two females (QUEEN, LEPA) which performed very well. Since that time our contact with Grmusa family become true friendship which last till today. After some time when it turned out that the offspring of Hektor perform very well we contacted Grmusa Family again and they decided to give us HEKTOR as a gift.As a compensation we gave them pure spike female GRMUSA’S (KOSA’S) KOSA. we were in seventh heaven having HEKTOR in our yard. We wanted to have More such dogs like him. But unfortunate yard accident blow up our plans. One of our males KOSA’S (OFK) JOKER (1W)  managed TO get out of his cage and went to HEKTOR. The next day we found them both dead staying in hold. It was for us a big loss. Two good dogs passed away. HEKTOR (in spite of his disabled leg) competed very well with dog with CH title, so you can imagine what he was able tp achieve to be healthy enough to take a part in official sport events. That is why for us HEKTOR genes are worth to continue and who knows maybe it will be huge impact on working APBT of nowadays? As a matter of fact I have never seen so offensive, driving, intense dog and going to win. He reminded Garner SPiKE Jr in action. His colors and characteristic blue eye which appears also in his offspring are almost identical what Maurice Carver kept in his yard, so we call this strain of dogs: “Balcan Carvers”. We are in the possession true Carver dogs and we decided to cross them someday. The result maybe very interesting.