HAMMER TIME’S pedigree: GameDogPed online database

HAMMER TIME was born in our kennel on February 21, 2018. This is probably the most human-friendly female and most loving children dog. It does not mean at all that when there is a threat as well from strangers or other animals he cannot show her sharp fang and claws. Then there are no jokes with her. As for its surroundings she has no counterpart, she loves to play with our cats. This proves her high intelligence in recognizing what is to be protected and what to keep your eyes open for in view of the potential danger.
HAMMER TIME got her name due to the fact that it smashed our strongest cage that we had at home at the time (she was then less than a year old). We locked her there when we were painting the flat and she was always smoldering in paint, Of course because of course she wanted to “help”.
As for her pedigree, She is the result of mating with our APOLLO (sensational dog – see
his tab) and BLONDIE which was carried out by us personally from the USA. BLONDIE is a pure Carver american line. CARVER and APOLLO is a pure cross of American ELI lines. We consider BLONDIE to be the best bitch we have ever had. What more could you want? HAMMER TIME is the essence of the APBT.
There is a plan to breed  her in a strong APOLLO x HAMMER TIME inbreeding. All in all, it would be irrational to waste such unique genes in Europe.