SIX BITS’ pedigree: GameDogPed online database

SIX BITS was born in our kennel on February 16, 2018. He is the effect of APOLLO x MISS DURANGO breeding of pure ELI – SIX BITS blood, The line was created by Floyd Budreaux and Jerry Clemmons in the USA. SIX BIST turned out to be an exceptional dog, he had all the features of foudation dogs of this line both in exterior and in its mental features.

He is very lively dog and interested in literally everything.and everywhere. He is fearless in nature and has great physical strength. It’s just such a canine “strongman”.
He loves long dog trekkings, where he gives his best by working on a rope pulling a sportsman. SIX BITS is easy to train and was is most importand distinguishes his dogs
from others. He guard the yard quite well, but It doesn’t make a pointless noise from behind the fence. It is very friendly to people and children.

SIX BITS’ weight is 18-21 kg depending on the level of training he does. He has a very strong jaw and likes to play teethers as part of the spring-pole and tug of war.
SIX BIST has not had any offspring yet, but we will certainly breed him to our STEEL WHELLS (APOLLO x BLONDIE) in the near future to refresh the line minimally and but at the same time keeping the ELI characteristic features.

SIX BITS is open to matings. We invite interested dog owners, especially lovers of the ELI line.




The foundation ELI x SIX BITS dog of JERRY CLEMMONS  and FLOYD BOUDREAUX – picture taken in 80’ties.