We are a family of people who have to dedicate of our lifetime to the American Pit Bull Terriers. We love all bull type dogs but focused our passion on pit bulls who are a great source of inspiration for us all. Whoever buys or takes a dog from us is treated by our family as a member and serious partner in our work with these dogs, and we expect the same in return. We expect you to treat our dog as a member of your family. The positive energy that is given to us from our dogs transmits to all what we do and the whole environment surrounding us. That’ s why we feel happy to care our bulldogs and all of our animal. We hope they are happy to be in our hands as well 🙂 We register our dogs in the ADBA – The American Dog Breeders Association – the oldest pit bull organization which allows to avoid misunderstandings about the pedigree of our dogs. Therefore all of our dogs and pups sold or given for free to new owners have fully documented origin and verified pedigree.