KOSA KENNELS (since 1992)


Welcome to KOSA KENNELS – one of the oldest APBT kennels in EUROPE.

We are just celebrating our 30th anniversary of our activity with the most beloved members our family – our APBT dogs:)

Before contacting us regarding the purchase of an American Pit Bull Terrier, please be so kind as to read our message below.

We are a family that has dedicated our daily lives to American Pit Bull Terriers. We love all dogs and other animals, but we focus our passion on pit bulls, which are a great source of joy for both of us and due to their hard noble nature, they are a source of inspiration in overcoming the difficulties of everyday life.
Whoever buys or takes a dog from us is treated by us as a family member and a serious partner in our work with these dogs. We expect the same in return. When you buy a dog from us, we expect you to treat it with love like a member of your “herd”.
The positive energy that our dogs give us is transferred to everything we do and the environment around us. That is why we are happy when our dog meets with care and proper care in new homes. We hope that in your hands our dogs will be happy. We do not sell dogs to people who want to use them for illegal purposes, as well as to minors without parental consent.

In our kennel you will not find dogs genetically aggressive towards human beings and children. After proper socialization from the puppy age our dogs can become great companions of your current pets, such as, for example, dogs and cats. It requires a bit of patience and takes some time.

Dogs from our kennel are successful in shows and sports in such disciplines as weight pulling, high jump, spring pole, weight pull sprint and others. Therefore, our guiding principle is a complete, versatile pit bull. A dog that will provide great moments for people with a flair for exhibition and sports, as well as an ordinary companion dog.
Our kennels is registered and dog are register in the ADBA – The American Dog Breeders Association (USA) – the oldest organization specializing in our breed since 1909. This allows us to avoid misunderstandings as to the pedigree origin of our dogs. That is why all our dogs and puppies are sold to new owners have fully documented origins and verified pedigree. If you want to be part of the APBT community, feel free to contact us. Remember that American Pit Bull Terrier is not only about owning a dog of this breed, but also about a lifestyle. Once you become a pit bull owner, you will remain faithful to this breed for the rest of your life.